Monday, September 13, 2010

Soul on Soul

I made this a while ago, I never had a title for it until just now when I thought of a song that lines up with whats written in the picture, I decided to call this piece Soul on Soul...

I Rize...

Yet another Piece of the portfolio.
This is an idea for a renovation project thats about to take place in West Dallas. Its basically a billboard that will be placed above Hi35 and above the trinity on Continental blvd.

Mr. Cager

A vocalist that's a good friend of mine asked me to create a digital painting of his face. This was painted in Photoshop and was one of my first digital portraits.
This is just one of the many ads I have done for Sandaga Jazz over the last 2 years I decided to post it.

I entered a compitition for the new Forth-Worth Jazz Festival I'm going to assume I didn't get picked as the winner seeing as that the event was last weekend. Oh well that is just another one for the portfolio!!!